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Learning Visual Basic 6

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Learning Visual Basic 6

Post by Seanshoots on Sat May 31, 2008 8:08 pm

Learning VB6

Since you are here, I take it you would like to learn VB6.
To all: Sorry about image quality, hoster sucked.

I dont know if i can post a download link for it, because thats called Warez.
Just search it on "The Pirate Bay" or something.The Pirate Bay

Starting with VB6.

To start off, we will make a simple "Hello World" application.

Start a new project, make it a "Standard EXE"

You should now have something that looks like this:

You can change the caption to whatever on the toolbox on the right, but you dont need too.

Now, lets make a button on the middle of our form.

In this picture, I will also show how to change captions of buttons + things.
It should look like this:

Then, double click the button.
A code window should pop up only saying:
 Private Sub Command1_Click()

End Sub

We are going to make it so it opens a message box when clicked.
Paste this code inbetween the code:
lol = MsgBox("Hello World!", vbOkOnly)

What this is doing, it tells windows to open a message box when the button 'Command1' is clicked.
where it says 'lol' it can say anything. That is of no use for you right now.
The message in the messagebox is defined inbetween the quotes (""), you can change it to anything.
After the quotes, it tells it to only have an OK button, you can change that too.

vbOKOnly - Only have OK Button
vbOkCancel - Have OK + Cancel Button
vbYesNo - Have a Yes + No Button
vbYesNoCancel - Have a Yes + No + Cancel Button
vbAbortRetryIgnore - Have an Abort + Retry + Ignore Button
vbRetryCancel - Have a retry + cancel button

These buttons will all do nothing except close the messagebox, though.
That would be explaining variables, coming later.

Anyways, close the code window once done editing, then press 'F5".
Your Program should run without errors. You can click the button, and a message box will pop up!
How cool!

Wait for more tutorials by me!


~ Seanshoots
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